Liberty Outdoor Advertising has been specializing in Billboard advertising since 1982. Our experience and knowledge allows us to give our clients maximum results with reasonable prices.

In order to best serve our customers, we provide a menu of options for them to choose from in regards to the style of their billboard. From digital signs to unique extensions to vinyl and everything in between, we work closely with you to select the option that best suits your specific needs.

Billboard advertising is advantageous for a litany of reasons, including it allows you to reach a potential customer base for 24-hours a day; it helps you increase the awareness of your company and brand; it gets people thinking about your company; and it lets them know where or how they can obtain your services or products. The use of billboards can be a boon to any type of marketing campaign.

As far as the design process is concerned, you can either provide us with a proof, and we’ll check to make sure it fits the necessary dimensions before using it, or you take advantage of the expertise and experience of our design department, and they will bring your dream billboard to life. Even if it takes seven or eight proofs to get it right, we will get it right for both sides, and make sure the end result is something that draws the attention of consumers passing by.
Lastly, our customers never have to worry about post charges, hidden fees or any other unpleasant variables. The only time there is a post charge is when our customers choose the vinyl option, and that is a small, one-time only cost.

Keep in mind, we have 144 billboards placed in 44 strategically placed locations, and we can always provide you with traffic counts and other numbers that show the power of billboard advertising. Please let us know if you have any general or specific questions, or if you would like to begin the process of setting up billboard signage in McHenry County.

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Liberty Outdoor Advertising has an enormous variety of Billboard locations to choose from, all specifically priced to be affordable and meet our customers’ advertising needs.


Liberty Outdoor Advertising hosts over 40 billboard advertising locations throughout the greater Crystal Lake area and most neighboring townships.


View our large selection of photos taken from various Liberty billboard locations.


Our design team can help build a colorful and eye-catching design that will both perfectly advertise your business and help your business grow.